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Upward American Veterans

Veterans Helping Veterans

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Veterans in the Classroom

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Upward American Veterans Program Information

The Upward American Veterans Committee (UAV) provides emergency basic living expenses to honorably discharged United States military veterans and their families in need. This program steps in when other sources of support are not available. UAV assists with urgent needs such as utility bills, rent, medical expenses or groceries.


Since its inception in 2012, generous donations have allowed the UAV program to assist veterans and their families with more than $323,000 in direct aid expenses .

We are proud to be able to support our veterans in need.

Funds for this program come from grants and charitable donations 



Veterans may apply for UAV support by:


Phone at 772-410-5820


Email at



Veterans Helping Veterans

Since inception of VHV in 2018 generous donations have allowed the VHV program to assist veterans and their families with more than $340,000 in basic home improvements they were not able to complete or are physically unable to complete. 

Funds for this program come from grants and charitable donations. 

American Flags

The Veterans Council of Indian River County offers non-emergency bus service to transport veterans from Indian River County to the VA Hospital in West Palm Beach as well as to some local medical appointments.


The service operates Monday through Friday. The bus leaves very early in the morning to make appointments in West Palm and returns in the early afternoon. Local appointments are more flexible. We are now able to offer transportation to accommodate the transfer of a wheelchair for local transportation.  

For emergency transportation please call 911.

To Schedule a Ride:

Rides must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. 

Please call 772-226-1695

(Monday-Friday 10 am to 2 pm) to schedule.

All local & West Palm Beach transportation are handicap accessible (wheelchair and scooter)

Reservations Required for all Transportation.

Please Note Busses DO NOT RUN on Federal Holidays.

Veterans in the Classroom

Teaching Respect for the Nation, Flag Honors, Military Service and Citizenship

Veterans in the Classroom sends veterans to local schools. The Indian River Veterans Council is pleased to sponsor these visits and have vets explain how patriotism, honoring veterans, and respect for the American flag should be an integral part of American life. The students have the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of military service, history, and patriotism.

To become a volunteer leader, please call 772-410-5820

Interested Educational Institutions and Teachers

Please call 772-410-5820 to set up a visit. Veteran leaders ask that they are given at least one month’s notice.

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